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STEM Mini-Camp 2016


For more than 20 years, the University of Pikeville played host to the Math & Science Day Camp program. With open registration from 100-200 5th-8th grade students each summer, the program developed a reputation for quality education and hands-on excitement.  Often times, families would make vacation arrangements around the dates of the camp program.  However, in the past couple of years the number of competing summer programs (band camp, academic offerings, athletic camps/practices, religious retreats, etc.) have seen the population of registered participants drop.  As such, we’ve redesigned the camp program to allow more time for focused instruction and flexibility for those wanting to participate. 


UPIKE, with a generous grant from EQT, will be offering our “NEW” STEM Mini-Camp program this summer.  We hope these new offerings will appeal to a wider group of students that are interested in a content-rich experience, offered in a smaller timeframe. 


Currently, we’re offering four, two-day STEM Mini-Camps:

Monday, July 11 & Tuesday, July 12 = ENTERING 5th & 6th grade – Session #1

·      Introduction to Engineering: The Mousetrap Glider

o  Participants will learn about the engineering process (defining a problem, completing research, assessing limited resources, brainstorming and designing, building, testing, and redesigning). Then will be given the problem to design and build a mousetrap glider than must drive off a platform and glide to the floor.


Monday, July 11 & Tuesday, July 12 = ENTERING 5th & 6th grade – Session #2

·      Astrobiology

o  Are you curious about life on other planets?  What will it look like?  How does it survive?  Come and create, design, and build a model of an alien life form!  Join us for 2 days of creative fun-filled experiments, activities, and games.  You will learn about Astrobiology and how scientists use knowledge of our own planet’s animals and plants to understand what alien life might look like.


Wednesday, July 13 & Thursday, July 14 = ENTERING 7th & 8th grade – Session #1

·      Creating Computing with Scratch

o  In this camp students will learn and apply many computational concepts and practices, culminating in the creation of a short animated movie they’ll be able to share. Integrative activities will emphasize the principles of creating, personalizing, sharing, and reflecting.

o  Click HERE for the “Creating Computing with Scratch” camp website.  The site contains links from the Scratch workbook, a link to the Scratch website, and a link to the UPIKE Stem Camp Studio of shared projects from camp!


Wednesday, July 13 & Thursday, July 14 = ENTERING 7th & 8th grade – Session #2

·      Polymers Around Us

o  What do DNA, Silly Putty, and a plastic bottle have in common? Learn about polymers. Investigate their properties and how to modify them. Make your own to keep.


Each session will be limited to 20 students and carries a registration fee of $50 (which will include all activities, lunch, and a camp T-shirt).  Each session will run from 8:30AM-3:00PM each of the two days.  Session and registration details can accessed by clicking on the session title above. Please feel free to contact Dr. Arts if you have any questions.


Interested in Volunteering for one of the STEM Mini-Camp sessions?  Click ----> HERE!


Questions should be directed to:


Robert W. Arts, Ph.D.

Professor of Education & Physics

The University of Pikeville

147 Sycamore Street

Pikeville, Ky  41501

Office: 606-218-5476